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Helping The Humanity Welfare Society, registered under the Societies Registration Act (ACT XXI of 1860) with Reg. No. 4954 of year 2021 is helping people with their great efforts. The team of society is actively working since April 2020 and the President of Society Mr. Sudarshan is active from last many years in terms of donations, welfare of people and betterment of community.

When the Covid-19 pandemic occurred everyone saw many bad things happened to the poor and needy people’s life. So Mr. Sudarshan decided to register himself with his team as a society to serve the people in much better way and far beyond the limits. Now, as the society is registered the team is going to work more aggressively in the fields like poor child education, child abuse, helping people with medicines, dry ration, medical services, women empowerment and much more. They are also committed to raise funds for needy people when and wherever needed. The welfare society is expecting more and more donors to contribute and standby with the society. The welfare society will also give tax exemption benefits to their donors soon.

Words from the President: Mr. Sudarshan

I am working as a social activist from last 7-8 years, the thing which is new to me is, I am taking command myself to go in the field/ground level to help more and more people of the community. I believe in simple living and helping others as much as possible in all major aspects. Moreover, I am available to help people 24 x 7, 365 days. So, let’s see how people connect with me and how I contribute to the community. You can contact the society president at 9779777888.

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