There is an NGO named Helping The Humanity which is working from the time when wordwide Covid-19 Pandemic took place. They are helping all the Needy People helping them with Food, Ration, Medicines, Medical Services and basic daily needs. They are also supporting non-profit organizations with money and eatables.

Founder of Helping The Humanity, Mr. Sudarshan Kumar is putting all his force and energy in all the ways whether it come to help needy people by money, food, ration, medicine or any kind of help. He is doing a tremendous job in saving environment also by planting new plants from time to time. He is also running other businesses apart from this Non-Profit Organization.

The name of the NGO “Helping The Humanity” itself describes that they are working to help all human beings in all the ways. As the things are not good worldwide due to Covid-19 pandemic, it is a very required that someone must help the needy people and take care of them so that they can survive in this pandemic situation.

They are operational 24 x 7 and anyone can contact them for help. They just inquire a bit about the whole situation that the case is genuine then they surely help the needy people.

You can call the Founder member Mr. Sudarshan at +91 – 977 9777 888

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