Helping The Humanity is doing really well in the society to help all the needy people. Today, they helped Mr. Gourav Kamboj, He is 30 years old, He suffered from a high BP in sudden due to which his both kidneys shrinks. He consulted with many hospitals and many doctors and at the end the only solution which all doctors suggested is Kidney Transplant.

He was getting treated from PGI Chandigarh since this mis-happening happened with him from October 2019. He was on Dialysis for some time, then doctors suggested him to go for Kidney Transplant. Kidney transplant is a very costly thing and is not affordable for all. Apart from this a Donor with same blood group is also required to donate him kidney. His father come forward and decided that he is ready to give his son one of his kidneys.

This is a very bold decision and we salute the Great Father who thought so much for his son and his future. Helping the humanity NGO came to know about this case in June 2020, since then they started raising funds for him. He told us that the cost of surgery is 4 lacs and there is an extra cost of 2 lacs after the surgery. So, in total they are in need of 6 lacs rupees. The NGO Helping The Humanity raise around 30,500 INR so far which is already paid to the patient.

Helping the Humanity is still trying to get more and more funds as the Patient’s family is having something around 5 lacs with them and for rest of money they are asking for relatives and all their sources. We wish the surgery will be a safe and successful one and may god bless Mr. Gourav with a long healthy life.

Here is the link to Facebook Page of Helping the Humanity NGO

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